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Use and Safety


We were hoping that this would be obvious, but apparently not. 

First, obtain a suitably sized TP or streamer roll.  Do not use the last roll you have at your house because you'll likely regret it later. 

Second, separate the first portion of the roll that is usually lightly glued together.  Then, lay the roll in the bucket so that when you roll it in the bucket, the loose end of the roll is against the bucket and is unrolling.  If it is not unrolling, you will need to turn it over.  Push it into the bucket so that it will generally stay in place.  There are slight differences in the width of rolls from various manufacturers, so after using your TP Launcher, you'll learn where in the bucket to place your roll for maximum effectiveness. 

Next, place your weak hand through the safety lanyard and grip the lower portion of the handle.  (Note: Please always use the safety lanyard.)  Grip the handle with your strong hand approximately two (2) to four (4) inches above your other hand. 

Finally, draw the TP Launcher back over your shoulder and let it rip!  The TP Launcher is designed to ensure that the roll releases while heading upwards.  After a few launches, you will get a feel for what works best for you.  Brian from Florida said: "We completely covered our arch rivals stadium with our team colors.  Great product!  We don't even have a stadium, so they can suck it!"

The closer your hands are together, the more distance and height you will achieve.  By spreading your hands apart further, you will give yourself more directional control but less height and distance.


  • If under the age of consent, always have an adult present when TP’ing.
  • Always ask a supervising adult for permission to TP their property before doing so.
  • If you are asked to stop TP’ing, always do so immediately and do not attempt to do so again unless given permission.
  • If asked to clean up after having TP’d, always do so to the best of your ability when safe to do so.
  • Never stand in the street to TP.
  • Never TP alone. 
  • Always wear reflective clothing so that you can be seen by motorists and residents.
  • Do not wake up inhabitants by ringing or knocking at their door.
  • Never TP anything that could become damaged or cause a hazard or personal injury to you or others.
  • Always ensure that you utilize the safety lanyard when using your TP Launcher.  
  • Take any and all reasonable precautions to ensure that you are safe and that there is no damage to any structure whatsoever.  Tim from Alabama said: "We TP trees in town to celebrate upcoming games, victories and just about anything in between.  The TPL allows me to launch my rolls higher than ever.  The TPL is EPIC!  WAR EAGLE!!!!!"
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