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The basket of 'The Original TP Launcher' is the ultimate in design!

Q: Should I buy a TP launcher?
A: Of course - Go to our Online Store (along the left side) or Click Here!  Sorry, that wasn't a real question.  Now, we're embarrassed for having done it.  If you really want to punish us for such a transgression, go ahead and buy one. In fact, you can really stick it to us by buying more than one.  That will really teach us. 

Q: Do I have to put the TP Launcher together?
A: Don't be lazy....of course you do.  To keep shipping costs down, we ship the TP Launcher in two major pieces (all in the same box).  All you'll need to do is put the handle in the bucket, attach the two together with two (2) small fasteners (use of a small block of wood and a hammer - perhaps along with some adult supervision if you're unable to do it yourself- is all that is required) and install the safety lanyard.  That's it! Click Here for the easy instructions.

Q: What colors does the TP Launcher come in?
A: Given the stealthy nature of TP'ing, we currently offer the TP Launcher in black.  If it were white, everyone would see it and you wouldn't be stealthy, would you?

Q: Can I order any options with my TP Launcher?
A: Like flowers for your hair?  What the....??  No!  You're going to do battle and you're asking about options?  The TP Launcher is purpose-built and only includes what is necessary to Get In, Get It Done, and Get Out.  That said, we know some of you TP-nistas like to Get In, Get It Done and Get Out while looking just a bit more fashionable when Toilet Papering, Rolling, House Wrapping or whatever you happen to call it.  So, decorate it with stickers or paint it in any color you want.  Certain paints won't stick well to it, so ask your qualified paint expert what they suggest would work best.

Q: Can I use any type of toiler paper that I want?
A: Hopefully, you're referring to using the TP Launcher.  Regardless, yes, you can use whatever kind that works best for you.  However, we recommend single ply, or fully or partially recycled toilet paper such as Marcal, Seventh Generation, Windsoft and others.  Do a quick search to find out what is available in your immediate area.

Q: Is the TP Launcher made of recycled material?
 A: Another great question.  Currently, we do not manufacture the TP Launcher out of recycled material.  The make-up of such  material often varies considerably, and different types of plastic react differently during the manufacturing process.  There are too many variables currently for us to manufacture the TP Launcher in this way, but it is something that we eventually hope to do.  If it is any consolation, the TP Launcher is made of recyclable material. 

Q: Who was the first person ever to Toilet Paper a tree?  
 A: TP'ing has been going on since the dawn of time.  The ancient Egyptians did it, as did the ancient Mayans.  Hieroglyphs on the pyramids and other historical sites show depictions of ancient peoples preparing to throw streamer rolls.  Stonehenge was a favorite target of mischievous merry makers in Jolly Old England even though they wore tights while doing it (This is now against the official rules, but it does persist to this day).  There is even a rumor that our very first President did it and that he made up the story of chopping down the cherry tree so that nobody knew he was involved in TP'ing.  The fact is, TP'ing has been around since almost the beginning of human inhabitants first wiping their…but...there's more.  It seems that it was, until recently, being done the same way as it was in the old days.  Introducing the patent pending TP Launcher…or TPL...or Fred.  It doesn't really matter what you call it but we're sure you'll call it fun.  If you can swing a lacrosse stick or a baseball bat or a fly swatter, you can use the TP Launcher.  If you can’t do any of those things, then we don’t recommend that you buy a TP Launcher for yourself, but instead buy one for a friend.

Q: Is it legal to TP someone's trees?
 A: It might be, but then again it might not be.  The best thing to do is to contact your local authorities and simply ask ..... anonymously. Maybe even use the name of the person who TP'd your house.  While there might not be federal or state laws dealing with TP'ing (also known as rolling, house wrapping etc.), there could very well be local laws addressing this issue.  Given the prevalence of Toilet Papering, you may very well have heard if someone locally ever had legal trouble participating in it, but it's still best to ask.

Q: Is it OK to TP a house, a light pole or even my little sister?
 A: No, it's not.  Toilet Papering is meant to be a fun and friendly prank or celebratory gesture.  It is not meant to be destructive.  Please only TP trees that are not in close proximity to a home, light poles, electrical lines etc.

Q: Will TP launching ever become an Olympic sport?
A: Since the ancient Greeks first began holding and participating in the Olympics, there was speculation that TP Launching would become an official Olympic sport.  A little known fact in history is that in the fifth ever Olympics games, Spartacus brought his TP Launcher into the Olympic stadium as a weapon of mass toilet papering (WMTP).  Unfortunately, after his first several launches, he accidentally overshot and nailed Julius Caesar upside the head.  Ordinarily, not a big deal, but back then, TP was actually made of rocks.  Ouch!  We don’t have to tell you what happened to Spartacus after that, and TP Launching was banned as an Olympic sport.  However, there are efforts underway to make TP Launching a exhibition sport in future Olympic games.
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