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"Wow!  Thanks so much for sending me my TP Launcher so quickly.  I got it Friday afternoon and used it that same night....with excellent results.  Expect a few of my friends to buy one soon....but only after I TP the hell out of them first."
 - Vinnie C, New York  
"I just got the TP Launcher.  This thing is amazing.  I'm super psyched!"
 - Jeff QB, Arizona

"So…this is what you’ve been doing with your time?  You’re an idiot!  A toilet paper launcher??  Really???  Why’d you even go to college?  Give me my money back!  I wasn’t going to tell you, but you’re adopted….idiot".
- Florence P, California (Mom of TP Launcher inventor)

"My boys got theirs today!  They love it, and can't wait to "get the cheerleaders back big time".  The TP Launcher will be a big hit with the football team!"

 - Dawn H., Illinois

"We TP (we call it yard rolling too) other fraternities and sororities and competing schools, and even their stadiums with our team colors.  Great fun!".

 -  Amy C., Florida

"Wow!  I was a little leery of how far I could actually launch a roll with my TPL, but I'm truly a believer now.  I TP'd a tree that was about 70 feet high and my roll flew completely over it.  The only thing that ever came down is the cardboard insert".

 - Brendon B., North Carolina

"Thank you so much for donating two (2) Toilet Paper Launchers for our charity auction.  The adults might have had so much fun with them that theirs kids may never get to use them".
 -  Liz S., California

"We TP trees in town to celebrate upcoming games, victories and just about anything in between.  The TPL allows me to launch my rolls higher than ever.  The TPL is EPIC!  WAR EAGLE!!!!!"
 -  Tim H., Alabama

"This thing is so cool -  we use it every Saturday night".
 - Scott T., California

"I think you have a fun product here. I wouldn't have said that in my younger years when getting TP'd had negative connotations but these days, kids are "popular" when they wake up to a toilet paper-filled tree after a big event. "
- Michelle M., Iowa
"Holy Cr*p.  I had no idea how high I could throw a roll of TP.  I threw it so high the first couple of tries that I completely overshot the tree.  Once I got used to "my" TPL, I could put the roll right where I want it.  Love it."
 - Rudy R., New York
"Oh, how TP parties will change with this crazy invention.  I wish we had these back in the 80's".
 - Ken F., California
"None of my college professors are giving me bad grades, but if they do, I should keep one of these around for sure!  LOL!"
 - Shannon L., New Mexico
"I'd like to take this to the zoo and get back at all those monkey's who flung poo at me; it just seem appropriate".
 - John R., California
"TP Launcher???!!!  This is awesome!  What a great idea!  Can't wait to have some good fun TP'ing like back in the 80's."
 - Lauren H., Arizona
"I may have to start toilet papering again!  Also, a handy item to have around when all the toilet paper is downstairs and somebody upstairs is in need of it immediately!!"
 - Kate C., California

"What a fun product!!!  Brings back some happy memories of getting into mischief!"
 - Lynn P., Washington State

"Awesome!  I’ve never been able to throw a roll of toilet paper this far."
 - Trina O., Ohio

"We completely covered our arch rivals stadium with our team colors.  Great product!  We don't even have a stadium, so they can suck it!"
 - Brian G., Florida

"My TP flew twice as far as it usually does, which is a bummer because now I’m stuck in the bathroom with no TP.  Send help! - Steve Z., Oklahoma
"Who came up with this stupid idea?  I don't care, send me three more"
 - Mike P., California

"I'm really, really short, so having my TP Launcher gave me a competitive advantage over all the really tall goons who used to TP my trees.  Unfortunately, they all bought them as well."
 - Mitch S., Colorado
"We’re forming a strike team.  Please send me five more!"
 - Dave B., Nevada

 - Mariellen I., California

"This is a really cool product - I would buy one now!"
- Carol W., Washington state
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