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TP'ing / House Wrapping / Yard Rolling / TP Launcher

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The TP Launcher helps you launch a toilet paper
roll higher and further. Great for toilet papering
(TPing, Wrapping or Rolling) and celebrating.
The Art of TP'ing Has Risen to a Much Higher Level!

Check Out This Cool Video from a TPL User!


The "We Forgot to Come up With a New Special" Special
The TP Launcher has been described as the absolute
best product ever.*  We want to ensure that your TPing, House Wrapping and Yard Rolling outings are full of fun as well as extra height and distance.  The solid black TPL is on sale for
$19.99 +S&H.
Get In...Get It Done...Get Out!
*by the person who invented it, but that might not count 


  • The secret of the patent pending TP Launcher is its highly scientific use of specially developed anti-gravity materials to lift a TP or other streamer roll higher and further than by using your arms and hands alone.  That's probably a slight exaggeration, but once you experience the extra height and distance you can achieve with the TP Launcher after some practice, you will feel like a lack of gravity must have something to do with it. Take it from Rudy from New York who said, "Holy Cr*p.  I had no idea how high I could throw a roll of TP.  I threw it so high the first couple of tries that I completely overshot the tree.  Once I got used to "my" TPL, I could put the roll right where I want it.  Love it." 
  • By using leverage, you will find that you can very likely launch a roll more than twice as high (nearly three times as high for some users) as you can without the TP Launcher.  If not, you might consider spending some time at the gym.  It’s really not that hard. 
  • The bucket holds a typical roll of toilet paper sized streamer material until you actually want to release it.  It gathers speed within the bucket as you swing it in an arc.  Plus, the design of the bucket causes the roll to gather even greater spin right before it launches.  Given the length and flexibility of the handle, you can create a much greater arc than you can with your arm alone, and the whipping motion of the handle gives it a little extra kick in the end.  Who can’t use that on occasion?
  • The use of six vent holes on the bucket helps to ensure that you experience minimal air resistance when launching your roll.  It also helps to cool the unit down because it can get very hot when firing off successive roles.  Well...not really.



  • We have one word for you: leverage, leverage, leverage!  Sure, we used it three times, but it's still just one word. By using leverage, you'll be able to launch a typical roll of toilet paper, or other appropriately sized streamer roll, higher and greater distances than by simply using your arms and hands alone.  Trina from Ohio had this to say, "Awesome!  I’ve never been able to throw a roll of toilet paper this far." 
  • The TP Launcher was purpose built and incorporates only what you need to get in, get it done, and get out.  It isn't meant to be pretty (like you) and doesn't incorporate anything that it doesn't need. 
  • No matter what you call it (toilet papering, tp'ing, yard rolling, house wrapping etc.) or why you're doing it (friendly prank, celebrating a victory, retaliating against a friend, saying "Hello" to that cute guy or gal) the TP Launcher will help you do it better and more effectively.
  • You'll find that rather than leaving half-used rolls on the ground, more of your roll will drape over the tree.  You’ll get the job done faster and more completely than if done with your arm alone.  Plus, you can load up to six rolls onto the TP Launcher (five on the handle, and one in the bucket loaded and ready to go) for transporting it to and from your intended target.
  • And most importantly - leave your mark and impress your friends.  Being able to launch a roll higher virtually ensures that your handy-work will remain present for extended periods of time.  Guys….girls will definitely want to date you (or perhaps even your best friend because he’s much better looking than you) if you TP their trees in such a manner that her parents can’t get it down.  Girls - Guys love a girl who can throw down...actually throw up...wait, we mean launch a TP or streamer roll.  As Jeff from Arizona said, "This thing is amazing.  I'm super psyched!"  You will be too.
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